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Inhibition of TASK-1 potassium channel by phospholipase C.
The two-pore-domain K(+) channel, TASK-1, was recently shown to be a target of receptor-mediated regulation in neurons and in adrenal glomerulosa cells. Here, we demonstrate that TASK-1 expressed inExpand
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Voltage- and NADPH-dependence of electron currents generated by the phagocytic NADPH oxidase.
The phagocytic NADPH oxidase generates superoxide by transferring electrons from cytosolic NADPH to extracellular O2. The activity of the oxidase at the plasma membrane can be measured as electronExpand
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Effects of osmotic changes on the chemoreceptor cell of rat carotid body
The carotid body plays a crucial role in cardiorespiratory regulation. In the present study we investigated the effect of osmotic changes on cytoplasmic calcium concentration ([Ca2+]c) and pH (pHi)Expand
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Role of nucleotides and phosphoinositides in the stability of electron and proton currents associated with the phagocytic NADPH oxidase.
The phagocytic NADPH oxidase (phox) moves electrons across cell membranes to kill microbes. The activity of this lethal enzyme is tightly regulated, but the mechanisms that control phox inactivationExpand
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Fagocita NADPH-oxidáz és protoncsatorna aktivitását szabályozó fehérjék azonosítása RNS-interferencia felhasználásával = Identification of protiens regulating the activity of phagocyte NADPH-oxidase
Feszultsegfuggő protonaramot (IHv) sok sejttipusban kimutattak, de a legtobb vizsgalatot emberi granulocitakban vegeztek. Fagocitakban a protonaramert felelős protoncsatorna feltetelezett szerepe azExpand