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Hungarian ‘ focus position ’ and English it-clefts : the semantic underspecification of ‘ focus ’ readings
Analyses of the so-called ‘focus position’ of Hungarian hav e been influential in the development of discourse-semantic and syntactic theories, b ut have generally failed to consider contextualised,Expand
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An n-gram-based language identification algorithm for variable-length and variable-language texts
The aim of this paper is to describe a new language identification method that uses language models based on character statistics, or more specifically, character n-gram frequency tables or MarkovExpand
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Ferenc Steiner is 70 years old curriculum vitae
In memoriam of Professor Ernő Takács (1927–2012)
  • G. Pethő
  • Geology
  • Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica
  • 1 March 2012
On intuitions about proper names
Machery et al (2004) carried out an experiment which tests the intuition of US and Chinese students about the use of proper names. They arrived at the conclusion that the way most respondents usedExpand
On possible factors in the aesthetic appreciation of metaphors
Abstract Gibbs (2002) investigated by experimental methods the question whether the recognition of metaphors in a literary text affects the aesthetic appreciation of recognized expressions. He foundExpand
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Cross-Linguistic Evidence and the Licensing of Implicit Arguments
This paper discusses the occurrence and the licensing of implicit object arguments, also referred to in the literature as null complements or understood arguments. Functionalist accounts (such asExpand
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The cognitive basis of polysemy : new sources of evidence for theories of word meaning
The volume aims to explore the relationship between the theoretical modelling and the mental representation of the perceived multiplicity of lexical meanings. The collection is divided into threeExpand
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