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Actions of placental and fetal adrenal steroid hormones in primate pregnancy.
It is clear that steroid hormones of placental and fetal adrenal origin have critically important roles in regulating key physiological events essential to the maintenance of pregnancy andExpand
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Serum luteinizing hormone, prolactin and progesterone levels during pregnancy in the rat.
Serum levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and prolactin were measured twice daily, and those of progesterone once daily, throughout gestation in rats with confirmed pregnancies, and in whichExpand
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Analysis of apoptosis and expression of bcl-2 gene family members in the human and baboon ovary
Recent data support a role for apoptosis, under tight regulatory control by bcl-2, oxidative stress response, tumor suppressor, and CASP gene family members, in mediating granulosa cell demise duringExpand
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Effect of estrogen on angiogenesis in co-cultures of human endometrial cells and microvascular endothelial cells.
BACKGROUND We recently showed that vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression by endometrial glandular epithelial and stromal cells, and endometrial microvascular endothelial cellExpand
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Placental steroid hormone biosynthesis in primate pregnancy.
Substantial advances in our understanding of placental function have resulted from recent establishment of in vitro approaches, such as cell culture, and application of molecular methods to studyExpand
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Expression of the 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase types 1 and 2 proteins in human and baboon placental syncytiotrophoblast.
We have shown that the placenta, via metabolism of maternal cortisol and cortisone by the 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11beta-HSD) enzymes types 1 and 2 in the syncytiotrophoblast, regulatesExpand
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The role of estrogen in the maintenance of primate pregnancy.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the role of estrogen in pregnancy maintenance in baboons by suppressing estrogen synthesis through administration of a highly specific nonsteroidalExpand
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A comparative study of serum progesterone levels in pregnancy and in various types of pseudopregnancy in the rat.
The changes in the peripheral serum levels of progesterone in the pregnant rat werecompared with those found during ordinarypseudopregnancy, the pseudopregnancy of lactation (large litter), and theExpand
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Regulation of the primate fetal adrenal cortex.
Significant advances in our understanding of the regulation of fetal adrenal growth, differentiation, and steroidogenesis have been made in the past several years. In vitro studies employingExpand
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Suppression of extravillous trophoblast invasion of uterine spiral arteries by estrogen during early baboon pregnancy.
The present study determined whether estrogen plays a role in regulating invasion and remodeling of the uterine spiral arteries by extravillous trophoblasts during early baboon pregnancy. The levelExpand
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