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Antileukemic compounds derived from the chemical modification of macrocyclic trichothecenes. 1. Derivatives of verrucarin A.
Verrucarin A was epoxidized to give the beta-9,10-epoxide 7 and its acetate 8, which exhibit high in vivo antileukemic activity against P-388 mouse leukemia, whereas 2 and 9 are inactive.
Microbial Transformation of Macrocyclic Trichothecenes
A resting culture of Rhizopus arrhizus (ATCC 11145) transformed verrucarin A into 16-hydroxyverrucarin A, whereas R. arrhizus transformed verrucarin B into a mixture of 16-hydroxyverrucarin B and
Chemical investigation of Ceylonese plants. Part 24. New chromenoflavonoids from the bark of artocarpus nobilis Thw. (Moraceae).
From the bark extract of Artocarpus nobilis Thw. (Moraceae) six new chromenoflavonoids have been isolated. Five of them have been characterised and named artobilochromen (1), chromanoartobilochromen