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Graded finite elements are presented within the framework of a generalized isoparametric formulation. Such elements possess a spatially varying material property field, e.g. Young's modulus (E) andExpand
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A unified potential-based cohesive model of mixed-mode fracture
Abstract A generalized potential-based constitutive model for mixed-mode cohesive fracture is presented in conjunction with physical parameters such as fracture energy, cohesive strength and shape ofExpand
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The interaction integral for fracture of orthotropic functionally graded materials: Evaluation of stress intensity factors
Abstract The interaction integral is an accurate and robust scheme for evaluating mixed-mode stress intensity factors. This paper extends the concept to orthotropic functionally graded materials andExpand
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Finite element evaluation of mixed mode stress intensity factors in functionally graded materials
This paper is directed towards finite element computation of fracture parameters in functionally graded material (FGM) assemblages of arbitrary geometry with stationary cracks. Graded finite elementsExpand
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A bilinear cohesive zone model tailored for fracture of asphalt concrete considering viscoelastic bulk material
A bilinear cohesive zone model (CZM) is employed in conjunction with a viscoelastic bulk (background) material to investigate fracture behavior of asphalt concrete. An attractive feature of theExpand
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Disk-shaped compact tension test for asphalt concrete fracture
A disk-shaped compact tension (DC(T)) test has been developed as a practical method for obtaining the fracture energy of asphalt concrete. The main purpose of the development of this specimenExpand
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Cohesive Zone Models: A Critical Review of Traction-Separation Relationships Across Fracture Surfaces
One of the fundamental aspects in cohesive zone modeling is the definition of the traction-separation relationship across fracture surfaces, which approximates the nonlinear fracture process.Expand
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Concrete fracture prediction using bilinear softening
Abstract A finite element-based cohesive zone model was developed using bilinear softening to predict the monotonic load versus crack mouth opening displacement curve of geometrically similar notchedExpand
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PolyMesher: a general-purpose mesh generator for polygonal elements written in Matlab
We present a simple and robust Matlab code for polygonal mesh generation that relies on an implicit description of the domain geometry. The mesh generator can provide, among other things, the inputExpand
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Symmetric Galerkin Boundary Element Method
Boundary Integral Equations.- Two Dimensional Analysis.- Three Dimensional Analysis.- Surface Gradient.- Axisymmetry.- Interface and Multizone.- Error Estimation and Adaptivity.- Fracture Mechanics.-Expand
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