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The Essential Medicinal Chemistry of Curcumin
Evidence is provided that curcumin is an unstable, reactive, nonbioavailable compound and, therefore, a highly improbable lead and, on the basis of this in-depth evaluation, potential new directions for research onCurcuminoids are discussed. Expand
Low-Oxygen-Recovery Assay for High-Throughput Screening of Compounds against Nonreplicating Mycobacterium tuberculosis
This high-throughput, luminescence-based low-oxygen-recovery assay (LORA) was developed to screen antimicrobial agents against NRP Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is sufficiently robust for use for primary high- throughput screening of compounds against N RP M. tuberculosis. Expand
Dentin biomodification: strategies, renewable resources and clinical applications.
This review provides an overview of key dentin matrix components, targeting effects of biomodification strategies, the chemistry of renewable natural sources, and current research on their potential clinical applications. Expand
The pharmacognosy of Humulus lupulus L. (hops) with an emphasis on estrogenic properties.
In an exhaustive review of the literature through 2003, only two clinical trials were identified that were designed to evaluate the effect of hops (Humulus lupulus L.) on symptoms related to menopause. Expand
Quantitative 1H NMR: development and potential of a method for natural products analysis.
Based on a brief revision of what constitutes state-of-the-art "quantitative experimental conditions" for (1)H quantitative NMR (qHNMR), this comprehensive review contains almost 200 references andExpand
Universal quantitative NMR analysis of complex natural samples.
qNMR has become the method of choice for metabolomic studies and quality control of complex natural samples such as foods, plants or herbal remedies, and biofluids and has increased considerably. Expand
Cyanogenic allosides and glucosides from Passiflora edulis and Carica papaya.
Differences in higher order effects in glucosides and allosides proved to be valuable for assignment of structures in this series and the assignment of C-2 stereochemistry of 1a/b was made in analogy to previous assignments in the glucoside series. Expand
Major flavonoids from Arabidopsis thaliana leaves.
  • M. Veit, G. Pauli
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of natural products
  • 14 August 1999
The three major flavonoids isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana plants grown in the greenhouse were identified by means of spectroscopic analysis (UV, NMR, MS) and chiral capillary zone electrophoresisExpand
Factors in maintaining indigenous knowledge among ethnic communities of Manus Island
Factors in Maintaining Indigenous Knowledge among Ethnic Communities of Manus Island. Economic Botany 59(4):356-365, 2005. Despite the fact that Manus Province is the most geographically isolatedExpand
G.U.E.S.S.—A Generally Useful Estimate of Solvent Systems for CCC
Abstract The choice of an appropriate solvent system for Countercurrent Chromatography (CCC) is a critical step in the purification of natural products. Targeted towards their high sample diversity,Expand