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Methanosaeta concilii gen. nov. sp. nov. ("Methanothrix concilii") and Methanosaeta thermoacetophila nom. rev., comb. nov.?
Cells of species in the genus Methanosaeta are obligately anaerobic, gram-negative, nonmotile rods with flat ends, enclosed within a proteinaceous, cross-striated sheath, used as the sole source of energy and carbon sources for growth. Expand
Ammonia toxicity in pure cultures of methanogenic bacteria
Ammoniatoxicity to the growth of all methanogenic bacteria tested can be correlated to alterations in their K + /NH 3 content and/or to inhibitions of CH 4 synthesis. Expand
Characterization and nutritional properties of Methanothrix concilii sp. nov., a mesophilic, aceticlastic methanogen
A nonmotile, rod-shaped, nonspore-forming, mesophilic methanogenic bacterium was isolated from sewage sludge and in the presence of CO2 was able to grow and produce significant amounts of methane from acetic acid. Expand
Isolation and Characterization of Methanobacterium espanolae sp. nov. , a Mesophilic, Moderately Acidiphilic Methanogen?
Bacterial strain GP9T (T = type strain), a nonmotile, nonsporeforming, mesophilic, methanogenic bacterium, was isolated from the primary sludge obtained from the waste treatment facility of a majorExpand
Intestinal M cells: the fallible sentinels?
Current knowledge on the morphology, development, and function of M cells are reviewed, with an emphasis on their dual role in the pathogenesis of gut infection and in the development of host mucosal immunity. Expand
Phylum All. Euryarchaeota phy. nov.
The phylum currently consists of seven classes: the Methanobacteria, the methanococci, the Halob bacteria, the Thermoplasmata, the thermophilic S0 metabolizers,The Euryarchaeota are morphologically diverse and occur as rods, cocCI, irregular cocci, lancet-shaped, spiral- shaped, disk-shaped or triangular, or square cells. Expand
Archaeosome Vaccine Adjuvants Induce Strong Humoral, Cell-Mediated, and Memory Responses: Comparison to Conventional Liposomes and Alum
Antigen-archaeosome immunizations induced a strong cell-mediated immune response: antigen-dependent proliferation and substantial production of cytokines gamma interferon (Th1) and interleukin-4 (IL-4) by spleen cells in vitro. Expand
Isolation and Characterization of an Anaerobic, Cellulolytic Microorganism, Acetivibrio cellulolyticus gen. nov., sp. nov.†
The colonies produced by these bacteria on cellulose agar were round, clear, translucent, and cream-colored and had an undulate margin and the major fermentation products of cellobiose or cellulose degradation were acetic acid, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Expand
Identification of β-l-gulose as the sugar moiety of the main polar lipid of Thermoplasma acidophilum
Abstract The main polar lipid (MPL) of Thermoplasma acidophilum has been purified and its structure determined. NMR, mass spectrometry, and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry experimentsExpand
Structural features of ether lipids in the archaeobacterial thermophiles Pyrococcus furiosus, Methanopyrus kandleri, Methanothermus fervidus, and Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
The ether lipids of several thermophilic archaea (archaeobacteria) were compared by negative-ion fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry to assign major polar lipids in extracts of Pyrococcus furiosus and Methanothermus fervidus. Expand