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Spin Glass Theory and Beyond
This book contains a detailed and self-contained presentation of the replica theory of infinite range spin glasses. The authors also explain recent theoretical developments, paying particular
Interaction ruling animal collective behavior depends on topological rather than metric distance: Evidence from a field study
It is argued that a topological interaction is indispensable to maintain a flock's cohesion against the large density changes caused by external perturbations, typically predation, and supported by numerical simulations.
Brownian motion
“I did not believe that it was possible to study the Brownian motion with such a precision.” From a letter from Albert Einstein to Jean Perrin (1909).
Planar diagrams
We investigate the planar approximation to field theory through the limit of a large internal symmetry group. This yields an alternative and powerful method to count planar diagrams. Results are
The Bethe lattice spin glass revisited
Abstract:So far the problem of a spin glass on a Bethe lattice has been solved only at the replica symmetric level, which is wrong in the spin glass phase. Because of some technical difficulties,
Simulated tempering: a new Monte Carlo scheme
We propose a new global optimization method (Simulated Tempering) for simulating effectively a system with a rough free-energy landscape (i.e., many coexisting states) at finite nonzero temperature.
Analytic and Algorithmic Solution of Random Satisfiability Problems
A class of optimization algorithms that can deal with the proliferation of metastable states are introduced; one such algorithm has been tested successfully on the largest existing benchmark of K-satisfiability.