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Inferring the Location of Twitter Messages Based on User Relationships
User interaction in social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, is increasingly becoming a source of useful information on daily events. The online monitoring of short messages posted in suchExpand
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Adaptive Normalization: A novel data normalization approach for non-stationary time series
Data normalization is a fundamental preprocessing step for mining and learning from data. However, finding an appropriated method to deal with time series normalization is not a simple task. This isExpand
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Contrasting meta-learning and hyper-heuristic research: the role of evolutionary algorithms
The fields of machine meta-learning and hyper-heuristic optimisation have developed mostly independently of each other, although evolutionary algorithms (particularly genetic programming) haveExpand
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From an artificial neural network to a stock market day-trading system: A case study on the BM&F BOVESPA
Predicting trends in the stock market is a subject of major interest for both scholars and financial analysts. The main difficulties of this problem are related to the dynamic, complex, evolutive andExpand
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Active Learning Genetic programming for record deduplication
The great majority of genetic programming (GP) algorithms that deal with the classification problem follow a supervised approach, i.e., they consider that all fitness cases available to evaluateExpand
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Roadside unit deployment for information dissemination in a VANET: an evolutionary approach
A VANET is a network where each node represents a vehicle equipped with wireless communication technology. This type of network enhances road safety, traffic efficiency, Internet access and manyExpand
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Automating the Design of Data Mining Algorithms: An Evolutionary Computation Approach
Traditionally, evolutionary computing techniques have been applied in the area of data mining either to optimize the parameters of data mining algorithms or to discover knowledge or patterns in theExpand
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Temporally-aware algorithms for document classification
Automatic Document Classification (ADC) is still one of the major information retrieval problems. It usually employs a supervised learning strategy, where we first build a classification model usingExpand
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A general framework to expand short text for topic modeling
A framework to generate pseudo-documents suitable for topic modeling is proposed.An instantiation of the framework based on word vector representations is presented.Results of NPMI and F1 obtainedExpand
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Attribute Selection with a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm
In this paper we address the problem of multi-objective attribute selection in data mining. We propose a multi-objective genetic algorithm (GA) based on the wrapper approach to discover the bestExpand
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