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A new maximally supersymmetric background of IIB superstring theory
We present a maximally supersymmetric IIB string background. The geometry is that of a conformally flat lorentzian symmetric space G/K with solvable G, with a homogeneous five-form flux. We give theExpand
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κ-Symmetry, Supersymmetry and Intersecting Branes
We present a new form of κ-symmetry transformations for D-branes in which the dependence on the Born-Infeld field strength is expressed as a relative rotation on the left- and right-moving fieldsExpand
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Penrose limits and maximal supersymmetry
We show that the maximally supersymmetric pp-wave of IIB superstring and M-theories can be obtained as a Penrose limit of the supersymmetric AdS × S solutions. In addition, we find that in a certainExpand
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Penrose limits, supergravity and brane dynamics
We investigate the Penrose limits of classical string and M-theory backgrounds. We prove that the number of (super)symmetries of a supergravity background never decreases in the limit. We classifyExpand
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Duality of type-II 7-branes and 8-branes
We present a version of ten-dimensional IIA supergravity containing a 9-form potential for which the field equations are equivalent to those of the standard, massless, IIA theory for vanishingExpand
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Complex geometry of conifolds and a 5-brane wrapped on a 2-sphere
We investigate solutions of type II supergravity which have the product R 1,3 ×M 6 structure with non-compact M 6 factor and which preserve at least four supersymmetries. In particular, we considerExpand
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New supergravities with central charges and Killing spinors in 2+1 dimensions
Abstract We construct a new class of ( p , q )-extended Poincare supergravity theories in 2+1 dimensions as Chern-Simons theories of supersymmetry algebras with both central and automorphism charges.Expand
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Intersecting M-branes
Abstract We present the magnetic duals of Guven's electric-type solutions of D = 11 supergravity preserving 1 4 or 1 8 of the D = 11 supersymmetry. We interpret the electric solutions as n orthogonalExpand
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Sub-arcsecond [ FeII ] spectro-imaging of the DG Tau jet : Periodic bubbles and a dusty disk wind ?
s of recently accepted papers Sub-arcsecond [FeII] spectro-imaging of the DG Tau jet: Periodic bubbles and a dusty disk wind? V. Agra-Amboage, C. Dougados, S. Cabrit and J. Reunanen 1 UJF-GrenobleExpand
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Solvable model of strings in a time-dependent plane-wave background
We investigate a string model defined by a special plane-wave metric ds2 = 2du dv ? ?(u)x2 du2 + dx2 with ? = k/u2 and k = const > 0. This metric is a Penrose limit of some cosmological, Dp-brane andExpand
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