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Identification of nonlinear dynamic systems using functional link artificial neural networks
An alternate ANN structure called functional link ANN (FLANN) for nonlinear dynamic system identification using the popular backpropagation algorithm and performs as good as and in some cases even better than the MLP structure for the problem of nonlinear system identification. Expand
Active mitigation of nonlinear noise Processes using a novel filtered-s LMS algorithm
  • D. Das, G. Panda
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing
  • 19 April 2004
A novel filtered-s least mean square (FSLMS) algorithm based ANC structure, which functions as a nonlinear controller, is proposed in this paper and substantially reduces the number of operations compared to that of FSLMS as well as VFXLMS. Expand
IIR system identification using cat swarm optimization
The IIR system identification task is formulated as an optimization problem and a recently introduced cat swarm optimization (CSO) is used to develop a new population based learning rule for the model. Expand
Power Quality Analysis Using S-Transform
This paper presents a new approach for power quality analysis using a modified wavelet transform known as S-transform. The local spectral information of the wavelet transform can, with slightExpand
A survey on nature inspired metaheuristic algorithms for partitional clustering
An up-to-date review of all major nature inspired metaheuristic algorithms employed till date for partitional clustering and key issues involved during formulation of various metaheuristics as a clustering problem and major application areas are discussed. Expand
Nonlinear channel equalization for QAM signal constellation using artificial neural networks
Application of artificial neural networks (ANN's) to adaptive channel equalization in a digital communication system with 4-QAM signal constellation is reported in this paper. A novel computationallyExpand
Image Encryption Using Advanced Hill Cipher Algorithm
The Hill cipher algorithm is one of the symmetric key algorithms that have several advantages in data encryption. But, the inverse of the key matrix used for encrypting the plaintext does not alwaysExpand
Frequency estimation of distorted power system signals using extended complex Kalman filter
The paper proposes an extended complex Kalman filter and employs it for the estimation of power system frequency in the presence of random noise and distortions. From the discrete values of theExpand
An extended complex Kalman filter for frequency measurement of distorted signals
The design of an extended complex Kalman filter for the measurement of power system frequency and comparison of the results with those obtained from a real extendedKalman filter reveals the superior performance of the former method. Expand
Solving multiobjective problems using cat swarm optimization
A new multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA) is proposed by extending the existing cat swarm optimization (CSO) and finds the nondominated solutions along the search process using the concept of Pareto dominance and uses an external archive for storing them. Expand