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A trispecies Aspergillus microarray: Comparative transcriptomics of three Aspergillus species
The full-genome sequencing of the filamentous fungi Aspergillus nidulans, Aspergillus niger, and Aspergillus oryzae has opened possibilities for studying the cellular physiology of these fungi on aExpand
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Probiotics modulated gut microbiota suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma growth in mice
Significance Hepatocellular carcinoma is the second most deadly cancer type globally, requiring the development of alternative or complementary therapeutic and prophylactic methods. Here, whenExpand
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Fueling industrial biotechnology growth with bioethanol.
Industrial biotechnology is the conversion of biomass via biocatalysis, microbial fermentation, or cell culture to produce chemicals, materials, and/or energy. Industrial biotechnology processes aimExpand
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Effect of compounds released during pretreatment of wheat straw on microbial growth and enzymatic hydrolysis rates
In the process of producing ethanol from lignocellulosic materials such as wheat straw, compounds that can act inhibitory to enzymatic hydrolysis and to cellular growth may be generated during theExpand
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Intracellular metabolite profiling of Fusarium oxysporum converting glucose to ethanol.
The filamentous fungus Fusarium oxysporum is known for its ability to produce ethanol by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) of cellulose. However, the conversion rate is low andExpand
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Penicillium brasilianum as an enzyme factory; the essential role of feruloyl esterases for the hydrolysis of the plant cell wall.
The production of arabinoxylan-degrading enzymes by the fungus Penicillium brasilianum, grown on different carbon and nitrogen sources as well as different environmental conditions was investigated.Expand
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The interplay of descriptor-based computational analysis with pharmacophore modeling builds the basis for a novel classification scheme for feruloyl esterases
One of the most intriguing groups of enzymes, the feruloyl esterases (FAEs), is ubiquitous in both simple and complex organisms. FAEs have gained importance in biofuel, medicine and food industriesExpand
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Overexpression of a novel endogenous NADH kinase in Aspergillus nidulans enhances growth.
The complete genome sequence of the filamentous fungi Aspergillus nidulans has paved the way for fundamental research on this industrially important species. To the best of our knowledge, this is theExpand
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Production and partial characterization of arabinoxylan-degrading enzymes by Penicillium brasilianum under solid-state fermentation
The production of a battery of arabinoxylan-degrading enzymes by the fungus Penicillium brasilianum grown on brewer’s spent grain (BSG) under solid-state fermentation was investigated. InitialExpand
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Transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolic changes in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves after the onset of illumination
BackgroundLight plays an important role in plant growth and development. In this study, the impact of light on physiology of 20-d-old Arabidopsis leaves was examined through transcriptomic, proteomicExpand
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