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The Underground Atlas Project
Abstract The systematic recording of underground structures, their location, use as well as other characteristics is something that is still missing from the global engineering community. The paperExpand
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Validation of the Greek version of Mini Tinnitus Questionnaire as a Brief Screening Test for Assessment of Tinnitus‐related Distress: our experience in 301 adult patients
Validation of the Greek version of Mini Tinnitus Questionnaire (Mini‐TQ‐GR) as a Brief Screening Test for Assessment of Tinnitus‐related Distress.
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A Study on Game Review Summarization
Game reviews have constituted a unique means of interaction between players and companies for many years. Expand
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Forward Freight Agreements and Market Transparency in the Capesize Sector
Abstract We investigate the connection between the trading of Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs) and its microstructure effects in the volatility of the spot freight market in the Capesize dry-bulkExpand
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Estimating Climate Change-based Soil Loss Using Erosion Models and UAV Imagery in the Metsovo Mountain Region
Soil erosion is a natural process involving soil loss rates of about 2 t ha year. This process can be heavily intensified due to human activity, inducing losses of up to 100 t ha year, furtherExpand
Adult Education and International Organizations (UNESCO): Contemporary Policies and Strategies
In a rapidly changing world with its diverse spectrum of social characteristics that are currently defining our present period, its continual influx of migrating populations, the growing developmentExpand
Beyond Existing e-Tourism for Mountains: Findings from the Case of Zagori, Greece
In this chapter, we explore the possibilities of an e-tourism application that implements the aforementioned solutions. Expand
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Accessibility and Spatial Inequalities in Greece
Accessibility suggests a major issue in rural areas. Remoteness or inaccessibility is known to amplify rural deprivation and suspend sustainable regional development. Many rural areas in GreeceExpand
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The Underground Atlas Project: Can We Really Crowdsource the Underground Space?
Abstract It has been almost two years since the launch of the Underground Atlas Project (UAP) and since a crowdsourcing database is, by its nature, a fairly dynamic one, the experience gained andExpand
International Organizations Policies and New Era of Work: Education in What Skills?
This paper comes to examine the intense reflection that arises around the issue of the right and the appropriate skills employees need to obtain in order to adapt to a continuously changing workingExpand