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Dynamics of neuronal firing correlation: modulation of "effective connectivity".
We reexamine the possibilities for analyzing and interpreting the time course of correlation in spike trains simultaneously and separably recorded from two neurons. Expand
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Evolutionary stable strategies and game dynamics for n-person games
This note contains a generalization of the definition of an evolutionary stable strategy and of the corresponding game dynamics from 2-person to n-person games. Expand
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Density of neurons and synapses in the cerebral cortex of the mouse
  • A. Schüz, G. Palm
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 22 August 1989
Quantitative anatomical investigations provide the basis for functional models. In this study the density of neurons and synapses was measured in three different areas (8, 6, and 17) of the neocortexExpand
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On associative memory
  • G. Palm
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Biological Cybernetics
  • 2004
The information storing capacity of certain associative and auto-associative memories is calculated, and the usefulness of these memories is discussed. Expand
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On the significance of correlations among neuronal spike trains
We consider several measures for the correlation of firing activity among different neurons, based on coincidence counts obtained from simultaneously recorded spike trains. We obtain explicitExpand
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Memory Capacities for Synaptic and Structural Plasticity
We introduce fair measures for information-theoretic capacity in associative memory that also provide a theoretical benchmark. Expand
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Effects of phase on the perception of intervocalic stop consonants
We show that the perception of intervocalic stop consonants varies from amplitude dominance to phase dominance as the Fourier analysis window size increases. Expand
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Information capacity in recurrent McCulloch-Pitts networks with sparsely coded memory states
A new access to the asymptotic analysis of autoassociation properties in recurrent McCulloch-Pitts networks in the range of low activity is proposed. Expand
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Iterative retrieval of sparsely coded associative memory patterns
We investigate the pattern completion performance of neural auto-associative memories composed of binary threshold neurons for sparsely coded binary memory patterns. Expand
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Cell assemblies in the cerebral cortex
This paper summarizes the present state of cell assembly theory, realized in a network of associative memories, and of the anatomical evidence for its location in the cerebral cortex. Expand
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