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Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in HIV-Infected Cameroonian Patients
Aims: Metabolic complications related to antiretroviral therapy are rarely investigated among HIV-infected patients in Cameroon. The study reports the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and itsExpand
Curcumin protects neuronal-like cells against acrolein by restoring Akt and redox signaling pathways.
SCOPE The aim of the present study was to examine the neuroprotective effect of curcumin against the toxicity induced by acrolein and to identify its cellular mechanisms and targets. METHODS ANDExpand
The effect of extracts of Irvingia gabonensis (IGOB131) and Dichrostachys glomerata (Dyglomera™) on body weight and lipid parameters of healthy overweight participants
Background: Previous work reported the benefits of extracts of 2 Cameroonian spices – Irvingia gabonensis and Dichrostachys glomerata— on obese people with metabolic syndrome. Considering theExpand
Optimization of Curcumin-Loaded PEG-PLGA Nanoparticles by GSH Functionalization: Investigation of the Internalization Pathway in Neuronal Cells.
One major challenge in the field of nanotherapeutics is to increase the selective delivery of cargo to targeted cells. Using polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA), we recently highlighted the importanceExpand
Effect of polymer architecture on curcumin encapsulation and release from PEGylated polymer nanoparticles: Toward a drug delivery nano-platform to the CNS.
We developed a nanoparticles (NPs) library from poly(ethylene glycol)-poly lactic acid comb-like polymers with variable amount of PEG. Curcumin was encapsulated in the NPs with a view to develop aExpand
Effectiveness of Dichrostachys glomerata Spice Phenolics in Reduction of Oxidative Stress Associated with Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes; a Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial
This work evaluated the effect of Dichrostachys glomerata on the improvement of antioxidant biomarkers in obesity and type 2 diabetes participants, in an eight-week randomized, double-blind,Expand
Protective effect of hydroethanolic extracts of Solanum scabrum and Cola verticillata against cyclophosphamide induced toxicity in female rats.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the protective effects of hydroethanolic extracts of S. scabrum and C. verticillata against cyclophosphamide induced toxicity. In this light, female albinoExpand