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A wavelet-based image fusion tutorial
Abstract The objective of image fusion is to combine information from multiple images of the same scene. The result of image fusion is a new image which is more suitable for human and machineExpand
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Overview and Current Status of Remote Sensing Applications Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Abstract Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) is presently in continuous development at a rapid pace. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or more extensively Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are platformsExpand
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Parameter identification of solar cells using artificial bee colony optimization
In order to improve the performance of solar energy systems, accurate modeling of current vs. voltage (I–V) characteristics of solar cells has attracted the attention of various researches. The mainExpand
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Original paper: Automatic segmentation of relevant textures in agricultural images
One important issue emerging strongly in agriculture is related with the automatization of tasks, where the optical sensors play an important role. They provide images that must be convenientlyExpand
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A vision-based method for weeds identification through the Bayesian decision theory
One of the objectives of precision agriculture is to minimize the volume of herbicides that are applied to the fields through the use of site-specific weed management systems. This paper outlines anExpand
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A Multilevel Thresholding algorithm using electromagnetism optimization
Segmentation is one of the most important tasks in image processing. It consists of classifying the pixels into two or more groups depending on their intensity levels and a threshold value. TheExpand
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Multilevel Thresholding Segmentation Based on Harmony Search Optimization
In this paper, a multilevel thresholding (MT) algorithm based on the harmony search algorithm (HSA) is introduced. HSA is an evolutionary method which is inspired in musicians improvising newExpand
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Automatic expert system based on images for accuracy crop row detection in maize fields
This paper proposes an automatic expert system for accuracy crop row detection in maize fields based on images acquired from a vision system. Different applications in maize, particularly those basedExpand
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Analysis of natural images processing for the extraction of agricultural elements
This work presents several developed computer-vision-based methods for the estimation of percentages of weed, crop and soil present in an image showing a region of interest of the crop field. TheExpand
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Automatic detection of crop rows in maize fields with high weeds pressure
This paper proposes a new method, oriented to crop row detection in images from maize fields with high weed pressure. The vision system is designed to be installed onboard a mobile agriculturalExpand
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