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The effect of a propionic acid bacterial inoculant applied at ensiling, with or without lactic acid bacteria, on the aerobic stability of pearl millet and maize silages
Z.G. WEINBERG, G. ASHBELL, K.K. BOLSEN, G. PAHLOW, Y. HEN AND A. AZRIELI. 1995. The effect of applying a new strain of Propionibacterium shermanii (PS), alone or with lactic acid bacteria inoculantsExpand
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Dynamics of orange peel fermentation during ensilage
The dynamics of fermentation during ensilage were studied on orange peel (variety Shamouti) ensiled in 50 plastic containers, 10 kg in each, with an outlet for seepage. At predetermined intervals theExpand
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Effect of different storage conditions on the mycotoxin contamination of Fusarium culmorum-infected and non-infected wheat straw
Mycotoxins are known to affect the health and performance of farm animals. In contrast to cereal grains, the straw is only rarely analysed for mycotoxins, although contaminated straw couldExpand
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Prevention ofPenicillium roqueforti — associated aerobic deterioration of maize silage by various additives
Application of benzoic acid (0.2%) is a technological measure to prevent aerobic deterioration of maize silages caused by yeasts and moulds, particularly byP. roqueforti. Furthermore, benzoic acidExpand
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Basics and principles of ensiling.
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