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Detection and Characterization of Citrus Viroids in Uruguay
Author(s): Pagliano, G.; Peyrou, M.; del Campo, R.; Orlando, L.; Gravina, A.; Wettstein, R.; Francis, M.
Apterogyninae (Hymenoptera: Bradynobaenidae) from Saudi Arabia, with description of a new species.
Eleven species in three genera from Saudi Arabia are listed. Macroocula riyadha Gadallah & Pagliano, spec. nov. is described and figured. Apterogyna mateui Giner Marí, 1945, Macroocula nitida nitidaExpand
Fauna Europaea: Hymenoptera – Apocrita (excl. Ichneumonoidea)
The best known countries in terms of recorded species are those from northwestern Europe, with the least known fauna probably in the more eastern and southeastern parts of Europe. Expand
The genus Apterogyna Latreille, 1809 in Egypt, with three new species (Hymenoptera: Bradynobaenidae: Apterogyninae).
The genus Apterogyna Latreille is reviewed from Egypt, based on specimens collected from Wadi Digla (Cairo), Saint Catherine (South Sinai) and those deposited in Egyptian and Italian insectExpand
A new species of Micatagla from Socotra Island (Hymenoptera: Bradynobaenidae: Apterogyninae)
The new species is characterized by uniformly pale red body, with the exception of black terga II–VI and white spurs on legs; and by small lateral teeth of tergum VI distributed regularly on the margins, getting smaller in proximity of the apex. Expand