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Concentrations and Percentage Recovery of Furacin in Milk Following Intramammary Infusions
Summary Four experiments involving 106 quarters of the udder of dairy cows were carried out to determine the rate and cause of disappearance of furacin from milk following intramammary infusions. In
Physiological Responses of Lactating Dairy Cattle to Pelleted Corn and Oats
Molar ratios of volatile fatty acids (VFA) in rumen fluid were affected significantly by feeding rations containing 35 and 49% of pelleted corn or oats but not by rationscontaining 19.75% of these pelleting grains.
Secretion of Sulfonamides in Milk Following Intramammary Oral and Parenteral Administrations
Commercial preparations of sulfonamides were administered to lactating dairy cows by one or more routes to determine the duration of their secretion in milk to find out the concentration of sulfamerazine in milk was 4.86 times greater than that of sulfapyridine.
Composition, Intake, Digestibility, and Prediction of Digestibility of Coastal Bermudagrass Hays
Summary The composition, digestibility, and intake of 15 Coastal Bermudagrass hays were studied. Ranges in composition of the hays were large, CP (6.1 to 14.7%), CF (28.5 to 36.9%), lignin (9.3 to
[Animal welfare law requirements for calf, swine and laying hen husbandry--experiences from Thüringen].
  • G. Paar, P. Weinlich
  • Biology, Medicine
    DTW. Deutsche tierarztliche Wochenschrift
  • 1 March 1994
Results of an analysis are presented, concerning the situation of animal welfare in keeping and housing of calves, pigs and laying hens. It is observed, that stockholders are making great efforts to
[The functional and hygienic evaluation of a thermal exchange storage apparatus for recovering warmth from outgoing stable air].
By means of a thermo exchange apparatus it is possible to recover 70 to 80 percent of warmth of the stable air for heating. Thus much energy for climatizing can be saved. Alternating directions of to