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Technical Note - A General Inner Approximation Algorithm for Nonconvex Mathematical Programs
Inner approximation algorithms have had two major roles in the mathematical programming literature. Expand
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The Evolution of Brand Preferences and Choice Behaviors of Consumers New to a Market
The authors examine how brand preferences and response to marketing activity evolve for consumers new to a market. They develop a theoretical framework that begins with a consumer's first-everExpand
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A Multibrand Stochastic Model Compounding Heterogeneous Erlang Timing and Multinomial Choice Processes
The model developed in this paper incorporates two submodels a purchase timing model which describes the occurrence over time of purchases of the product class and a multibrand stochastic choice model which specifies how any brand may be chosen on a given purchase occasion. Expand
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An Investigation into the Order of the Brand Choice Process
This paper investigates the order of the brand choice process at the individual family level using a variety of tests: t, likelihood ratio, binomial runs, and multinomial runs tests. The test ofExpand
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Process and Product Improvement in Manufacturing Systems with Correlated Stages
This study offers and empirically validates a procedure for 1 measuring the effect of each stage's performance on the output quality of subsequent stages including the quality of the signal product and 2 identifying stages in a manufacturing system where management should concentrate investments in process quality improvement. Expand
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Modeling and Testing Structured Markets: A Nested Logit Approach
A structured market for a product category is a pair s, As consisting of a set of consumers s who have the same decision tree, As, which reflects the process by which the consumers in s evaluateExpand
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Models for Allocating Police Preventive Patrol Effort
This paper develops models that maximize the expected number of occasions per unit of time that a police patrol unit enters a street segment during the time that crime is visible. Expand
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Technical Note---Aggregating Individual Purchases to the Household Level
Household level panel data are the input for many types of marketing studies. An interesting, but until now unaddressed, question is what is the effect of aggregating individual members' purchases toExpand
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Estimating Loyalty and Switching with an Application to the Automobile Market
A brand switching model that considers the choices: previous choice, current choice, and substitute choice, if the current choice were not available, is developed and estimated. An importantExpand
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Some duality relationships for the generalized Neyman-Pearson problem
In 1963, Kuhn presented a dual problem to a relatively well-known location problem, variously referred to as the generalized Fermat problem and the Steiner-Weber problem. The purpose of this paper isExpand
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