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Sulfide mineralogy and chalcophile and siderophile element abundances in the Ivrea-Verbano mantle peridotites (Western Italian Alps)
Abstract Sulfide mineralogy as well as chalcophile and siderophile element geochemistry have been investigated in samples of the peridotite massifs of Baldissero, Balmuccia and Finero (WesternExpand
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Radon and helium anomalies in mud volcanoes from northern Apennines (Italy)-a tool for earthquake prediction
Rn-222 and total helium contained in saline waters and associated gaseous fluids from a series of mud volcanoes occurring along the northeastern border of the Apennine chain (northern Italy) haveExpand
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Chemical and Mineralogical Analysis of Ureteral Stent Encrustation and Associated Risk Factors.
OBJECTIVE To assess the burden and chemical and mineralogical composition of stent coating at both stent ends, with evaluation of associated risk factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 40Expand
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Geochemistry and petrology of the jequie granulitic complex (Brazil): an archean basement complex
The Jequie granulitic complex is part of the extensive high-grade metamorphic terrain located within the Sao Francisco craton of northeastern Brazil. Some Jequie rocks appear to have been formed inExpand
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Contribution to the crystal chemistry of beryl
Chemical analyses and crystallographic and some optical data have been obtained for 28 samples of beryl from Bahia State, Brazil. The larger range of variability in the chemical composition is shownExpand
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Radon distribution in groundwater of the Po sedimentary basin (Italy)
Abstract 222 Rn in groundwaters from some areas of the Po sedimentary basin characterized by different hydrological conditions has been determined by alpha-ray activity. Aquifers of three differentExpand
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Geochemistry and genesis of sulphide-anhydrite-bearing Archean carbonate rocks from Bahia (Brazil)
Abstract Archean carbonate rocks hosting sulphide-sulphate (anhydrite) phases are found in association with high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Caraiba Complex (central Bahia State, Brazil). TheExpand
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K-Rb ratio in high grade metamorphism: A confirmation of the hypothesis of a continual crustal evolution
The K:Rb ratio (R) in a metamorphic sequence with increasing metamorphism of the West Alps has been analysed. By a regression analysis a comparison is made with the trends observed for R byShawExpand
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Platinum and palladium in the Ivrea-Verbano basic complex, Western Alps, Italy
The Ivrea-Verbano Basic Complex consists of a lower part composed of cyclic units made up of cumulate peridotites, pyroxenites, gabbros, and anorthosites, and an upper part consisting of a huge,Expand
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Chemical and mineralogical studies on hominid remains from Sangiran, Central Java (Indonesia)
Abstract Chemical and isotopic studies, as well as X-ray diffraction and SEM analysis were carried out on bone remains of hominids from Sangiran, Central Java. Parts of the skull of several hominidExpand
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