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Impact of elevated temperatures on specific leaf weight, stomatal density, photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence in soybean
The rate of photosynthesis, PhiPSII, qP and SPAD values were positively associated with leaf thickness and SLW, indicating that reduction in photosynthesis and associated parameters appears to be due to structural changes observed at higher temperatures. Expand
Influence of Environmental Stress on the Germination of Anabaena vaginicola Akinetes
Germination of akinetes of Anabeana vaginicola v. fertilissima Prasad in response to environmental stress was studied. Addition of nitrate to the medium induced early and maximum germination (96 perExpand
Intraspecific variations in antioxidant defense responses and sensitivity of soybean varieties to ambient UV radiation
The results suggest that the ambient level of UV-B and UV-A radiation evoked some active oxygen species to accumulate, which in turn retarded the growth, development and yield of soybean varieties. Expand
Evaluation of the usefulness of senescing agent potassium iodide (KI) as a screening tool for tolerance to terminal drought in soybean
Drought at seed fill stage is a major limitation to soybean productivity in countries where crop is mainly grown on seasonal rains. Improved translocation of stem reserves to developing seeds underExpand
Photosynthesis and yield in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Var. Vikram after exclusion of ambient solar UV-B/A
Exclusion of solar UV proved to be beneficial in enhancing the yield of cotton plants and enhancement in the vegetative growth and yield could be related to enhanced rate of photosynthesis in the leaves. Expand
Intraspecific variation in sensitivity to ambient ultraviolet-B radiation in growth and yield characteristics of eight soybean cultivars grown under field conditions
The results showed a significant inverse association between the enhancement in vegetative growth and number of pods among the cultivars tested, indicating differences in the carbon partitioning amongst the cultivar by the way of exclusion of solar UV-B. Expand
Screening, Identification, Characterization and Production of Bacterial Lipase from Oil Spilled Soil
Currently bacterial lipases are of great demand because of potential industrial applications (Sirisha et al., 2010). Lipases find their applications in various industrial sectors like processing ofExpand
Assessment of impact of solar UV components on growth and antioxidant enzyme activity in cotton plant
Reduction in the antioxidant enzyme activity and ascorbic acid after UV exclusion indicated that ambient UV components exert a significant stress on cotton plants, and reduction in the production of UAS indicated a changed pattern of metabolism leading to improved primary metabolism. Expand
Screening soybean genotypes for high temperature tolerance by in vitro pollen germination, pollen tube length, reproductive efficiency and seed yield
For heat tolerance in soybean, breeding efforts needs to be focused on improving the reproductive efficiency, as high temperature stress significantly increased duration of flowering and decreased number of flowers and pods formed as compared to ambient temperature. Expand
A Survey of Fluoride Pollution Effects on the Forest Ecosystem Around an Aluminium Factory in Mirzapur, U.P., India
A survey of vegetation around an aluminium factory in Renukoot, Mirzapur, U.P., India, was made in the course of a study of the polluting effects on plants of gaseous hydrogen fluoride. TheseExpand