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Handbook of Detection of Enzymes on Electrophoretic Gels
INTRODUCTION Enzyme Electrophoresis Zymogram Techniques Genetic Bases of Multiple Molecular Forms of Enzymes Developed on Zymograms Applications GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF ENZYME DETECTION ONExpand
Genetic evidence for two sibling species within Polydora cf. ciliata (Polychaeta: Spionidae) from the Sea of Japan
Abstract Two morphologically indistinguishable but genetically very distinct polychaete species of the family Spionidae are found in the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan. Both species boreExpand
Allozyme and colour differences between two sibling species of the heteronemertean Lineus torquatus from the Sea of Japan
Abstract“Brown” and “cherry” colour morphs of the heteronemertean Lineus torquatus Coe, 1901 from the Vostok Bay of the Sea of Japan were compared using allele frequencies at 18 isozyme loci. TheseExpand
Genetic differences between two allopatric sibling species of the genus Polydora (Polychaeta: Spionidae) from the West Pacific
Abstract Polydora vulgaris Mohammad, 1972, a commensal borer of the oysters Pinctada margaritifera and Hyotissa hyotis from the South China Sea, was investigated by means of starch gelExpand
Genetic differences between two sibling species of the Polydora ciliata complex (Polychaeta: Spionidae)
Abstract Two sympatric sibling Polydora species, P . cf. ciliata (Johnston) boring into calcareous substrata and P. limicola Annenkova inhabiting mud tubes in fouling on bottoms of ships, wereExpand
Biochemical genetics and systematics of Millepora (coelenterata: hydrozoa) from the shore of South Vietnam
Abstract Three sympatrically occurring forms of colony growth of hydroid Millepora from the shore of South Vietnam were electrophoretically compared for the products of 21 loci coding for isoenzymes.Expand
Enzyme and colour variation in the hoplonemertean Tetrastemma nigrifrons from the Sea of Japan
Five sympatric colour varieties of the hoplonemertean Tetrastemma nigrifrons (var. pallidum, var. bicolor, var. purpureum, var. punctata, var. albino) were found in Vostok Bay (the Sea of Japan). TheExpand
The XX-XY (male-heterogametic) sex chromosome system in Polydora curiosa (Polychaeta: Spionidae)
Abstract Chromosome complements of Polydora curiosa Radashevsky, 1994 (Polychaeta: Spionidae) were examined using air-drying method. Regenerating worm tips and gamete-bearing segments were used forExpand