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Is there light at the ends of the tunnel? Wireless sensor networks for adaptive lighting in road tunnels
This paper presents a novel application where WSNs are used precisely to enable closed-loop control, for adaptive lighting in road tunnels. Expand
Secure peer sampling
We propose an extension to existing gossip protocols with a detection mechanism that identifies and blacklists nodes that are suspected of behaving maliciously. Expand
Canning spam in wireless gossip networks
We study the threat posed by malicious nodes inserting spam in a wireless gossip network using gossiping as a method for information dissemination. Expand
Secure Peer Sampling Service: The Mosquito Attack
We introduce a novel attack model, called the mosquito attack, which is a particular instance of the hub attack, a solution to which is proposed and evaluated. Expand
Identifying Malicious Peers Before It's Too Late: A Decentralized Secure Peer Sampling Service
We present a completely distributed defense against such attacks and give results from simulation experiments. Expand
PeerSim HOWTO : Build a new protocol for the PeerSim 1 . 0 simulator
• knowledge of the Java language • a Java compiler for Java version 1.5; we propose ≥ JDK 1.5.x • the PeerSim 1.0 package (http://sourceforge.net/projects/PeerSim), or the PeerSim source tree (youExpand
Exploring the interdisciplinary connections of gossip-based systems
In recent years the labels "gossip" and gossip-based" have been applied to an increasingly general class of algorithms, including approaches to information aggregation, overlay network management and clock synchronization. Expand
Secure gossiping techniques and components
Gossip protocols have proved to be a viable solution to set-up and manage largescale P2P services or applications in a fully decentralised scenario. Expand
A Secure Peer Sampling Service
Gossiping protocols have proven to be valuable components to build higher level services and applications. Many of them rely on a common feature; the ability to exchange information with a neighborExpand