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High-Performance Gel-Permeation Chromatography of Bovine Skim Milk Proteins
Abstract The separation of bovine skim milk proteins by gel-permeation high performance liquid chromatography was examined. Toya-Soda TSK-GEL (Type SW) columns were used with an eluent of .05 MExpand
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Covalent binding of two pyrrolizidine alkaloids, senecionine and seneciphylline, to hepatic macromolecules and their distribution, excretion, and transfer into milk of lactating mice.
Two macrocyclic 14C-pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA's), senecionine an seneciphylline, were studied regarding the distribution, excretion, transfer into milk, and covalent binding to hepaticExpand
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Salinomycin residues and their ionophoricity in pig tissues
The effect of pretreatment with medicated feed on ({sup 14}C) salinomycin residue levels in pig tissues was studied. Pigs were fed unmedicated feed or feed medicated with salinomycin at 41 ppm in theExpand
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Determination of sodium salinomycin in chicken skin/fat by high-performance liquid chromatography utilizing column switching and UV detection
Description et mise en oeuvre d'une technique de dosage de cet antibiotique a activite de facteur de croissance
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Factors affecting fatty acid oxidation in bovine mammary tissue
Oxidation of fatty acids was studied in bovine mammary tissue slices in order to evaluate their potential contribution to energy metabolism. Rates of fatty acid oxidation decreased with increasingExpand
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Palmitate and octanoate metabolism in bovine mammary tissue.
Effect of glucose on palmitate and octanoate metabolism was studied in bovine mammary tissue slices. Glucose stimulated palmitate esterification principally to form partial glycerides whileExpand
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