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A model to predict the moisture content of reindeer lichen
Un modele de dessication de Cladina rangiferina a ete etabli d'apres le code d'humidite du petit combustible (fine fuel moisture code) du service forestier canadien. Les taux d'humidite calcules sont
Fire hazard in budworm-killed balsam fir stands on Cape Breton Highlands
  • G. Péch
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 April 1993
The forests subject to budworm attack in eastern Canada vary considerably in tree species composition, and the severity of fire weather in those regions also varies. It is likely, therefore, that
  • G. Péch
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 May 1986
Abstract Estimates of transmitted global radiation beneath a red pine canopy were made on seven consecutive clear days in August and on one clear day in October, using three mobile and three
Dew on reindeer lichen
Four reindeer lichen samples placed near ground level in the open at a meteorological station showed that a simple linear relationship adequately describes the overnight rise of lichen moisture caused by dew, and that atmospheric vapour alone, on nights without rain or condensation, can raiseLichen moisture by 15%.
The Relevance of Current Hazard Stick Reading to the Moisture Content of Logging Slash
  • G. Péch
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 April 1969
Seven composite samples of western red cedar and western hemlock logging slash of 0.25 to 2 inches diameter were exposed on top of and within the bottom third of a fuel bed in the interior wet belt