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Dress in Anglo-Saxon England
When it first came out in 1986, Gale Owen-Crocker's book was a milestone in costume studies, a foundation on which much work has subsequently been based. Nearly twenty years later, there is more to
Clothing the Past: Surviving Garments from Early Medieval to Early Modern Western Europe
One hundred surviving garments are discussed with colour plates. Ranging from high art to homely, some are associated with known persons, others are anonymous, yet their histories – of recycling,
Medieval Clothing and Textiles
The usual wide range of approaches to garments and fabrics appears in this tenth volume. Three chapters focus on practical matters: a description of the medieval vestments surviving at Castel
Medieval dress and textiles in Britain : a multilingual sourcebook
Texts (with modern English translation) offering insights into the place of cloth and clothing in everyday life are presented here. Covering a wide range of genres, they include documents from the
Medieval Art: Recent Perspectives. A Memorial Tribute to C. R. Dodwell
Cloth-making and the Virgin Mary in Anglo-Saxon literature and art, Elizabeth Coatsworth the Bayeux Tapestry and the representation of space, Pater Lasko telling a tale - narrative techniques in the