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Market Size, Trade, and Productivity
We develop a monopolistically competitive model of trade with firm heterogeneity—in terms of productivity differences—and endogenous differences in the “toughness” of competition across markets—inExpand
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Agglomeration and Trade Revisited
The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, we present an alternative model of agglomeration and trade that displays the main features of the recent economic geography literature while allowing forExpand
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Rethinking the Effects of Immigration on Wages
This paper asks the following important question: what was the effect of surging immigration on average and individual wages of U.S.-born workers during the period 1990-2004? Building on section VI IExpand
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Trade Integration, Firm Selection and the Costs of Non-Europe
In models with heterogeneous firms trade integration has a positive impact on aggregate productivity through the selection of the best firms as import competition drives the least productive ones outExpand
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Multiproduct Multinationals and Reciprocal FDI Dumping
The global pattern of foreign direct investment (FDI) is quite similar to the world trade pattern. In particular, intraindustry FDI between rich nations is almost as pervasive as intraindustry tradeExpand
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Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs
The relocation of jobs abroad by multinationals and the increased labor market competition due to immigrant workers are often credited with the demise of many manufacturing jobs once held by AmericanExpand
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Global Income Divergence, Trade and Industrialization: The Geography of Growth Take-Offs
This paper takes a step towards formalizing the theoretical interconnections among four post-Industrial Revolution phenomena - the industrialization and growth take-off of rich northern' nations,Expand
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Internationalization and Innovation of Firms: Evidence and Policy
We use a representative and cross-country comparable sample of manufacturing firms (EFIGE) to document patterns of interaction among firm-level internationalization, innovation and productivityExpand
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Productivity and Firm Selection: Quantifying the ‘New’ Gains from Trade
We discuss how standard computable equilibrium models of trade policy can be enriched with selection effects. This is achieved by estimating and simulating a partial equilibrium model that accountsExpand
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The Costs and Benefits of Leaving the EU
What would be the economic effects of the UK leaving the European Union on living standards of British people? We focus on the effects of trade on welfare net of lower fiscal transfers to the EU. WeExpand
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