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Lampedusa: From a Fishing Island in the Middle of the Mediterranean to a Tourist Destination in the Middle of Europe’s External Border
By placing the inhabitants of Lampedusa at the centre of the analysis, this paper seeks to interpret the events that occurred on the island in 2011 — relating to the arrival of 50,000 boat migrants —Expand
EU hotspots, relocation and absconded migrants in Italy. How to save Schengen within a failing Dublin system? EL-CSID Policy Brief Issue 2017/03 • October 2017
Italy is the main gate of entry for undocumented migration to the EU which seriously stresses local reception capacity. Secondary movements of migrants to other member states have become a salientExpand
Securitization as a Source of Insecurity: A Ground-Level Look at the Functioning of Europe's External Border in Lampedusa
Immigration to Europe increasingly emerges as a core security concern. In response to these growing anxieties the external border of Schengen space of free movement of people was established to limitExpand
Benthic foraminifera for environmental monitoring: a case study in the central Adriatic continental shelf
It is confirmed that faunal composition and morphology of benthic foraminifera respond to human-induced environmental perturbations, making their study potentially useful for biomonitoring in coastal-marine areas. Expand
Fixed Lines, Permanent Transitions. International Borders, Cross-Border Communities and the Transforming Experience of Otherness
ABSTRACT Beyond their most physical manifestations as fences, gates and border guards, international borders are social constructs experienced by individuals as they traverse them. Anchored on theExpand
Waves of contention:Framing the complexity of unresolved EU maritime boundary disputes
EU responses to maritime boundary disputes reveal certain paradoxes of governance. The increasing interest of EU States in controlling larger maritime areas and the public and private exploitation ofExpand
'An example to the world!’ : multiculturalism in the creation of a Gibraltarian identity
In Gibraltar one often hears that it is “an example to the world” because a good harmony prevails among the great variety of ethnic and religious groups coexisting in this tiny British OverseasExpand
Institutional racism within the securitization of migration. The case of family reunification in Belgium
Institutional Racism (IR) in Europe is rarely mentioned in studies of race-based discrimination. Yet, structural racism occurs within most European societies. Due to the increasing securitization o...
The EU and the changing lives of fishermen. A study of Lampedusan and Fuerteventurian fishing communities.
Based on 10 months’ qualitative fieldwork and the filming of a documentary conducted on the islands of Lampedusa and Fuerteventura, this thesis examines ground-level Europeanisation, concentrating onExpand