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A note on the delta method
Abstract The delta method is an intuitive technique for approximating the moments of functions of random variables. This note reviews the delta method and conditions under which delta-methodExpand
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A first course in design and analysis of experiments
86 Line –2 should end = √ 4 × 4.782 = 4.37 , 94 g − 2, g − 1, . . . , 2 should beg − 2, g − 3, . . . , 2. 117 The Seeded and Unseeded labels should be switched in Table 6. 1. 153 Lines 3 and 4.Expand
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Why do male chimpanzees defend a group range?
Male chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes, cooperate to defend a community range within which resident females range in smaller core areas. There has been debate over exactly what males are defending,Expand
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Influence of Ecological and Social Factors on Body Mass of Wild Chimpanzees
The chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) of Gombe National Park, Tanzania, were weighed regularly over a period of 33 yr, resulting in 1286 measurements on 31 males and 26 females aged 2–43Expand
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Residual Patches and their Contribution to Forest-Bird Diversity on Northern Minnesota Aspen Clearcuts
Managers of upland forest generally operate with the assumption that leaving residual timber in clearcuts is beneficial for wildlife. Our primary objective in this study was to evaluate theExpand
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Factors affecting the emulsifying and rheological properties of gum acacia in beverage emulsions
Abstract Gum acacia, a natural hydrocolloid, is extensively used as an emulsifier/stabilizer in beverage emulsions. Factors that may affect emulsion formation, emulsion stability and viscosity of theExpand
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Temporal Variability in Antarctic Marine Ecosystems: Periodic Fluctuations in the Phocid Seals
Three species of seals around Antarctica have shown quasi-cyclic patterns in some aspect of their biology: the age structure of crabeater seals (Lobodon carcinophagus) around the Antarctic PeninsulaExpand
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Clinical feature profile of spinocerebellar ataxia type 1–8 predicts genetically defined subtypes
An increasing number of genetically defined types of spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) have been reported in the past decade. Phenotype–genotype correlation studies have suggested a broad overlap betweenExpand
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An analysis of the influence of annual thermal variables on the occurrence of fifteen warmwater fishes
Abstract Multisource fish-sampling data and U.S. Geological Survey temperature data from streams throughout the United States were used to investigate the influence of derived thermal regimeExpand
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Regional Trends in Sulfate Wet Deposition
Abstract I propose a multiple time series model for data from a network of monitoring stations that have both temporal and spatial correlation. The model includes a separate mean and trend for eachExpand
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