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Cortical midline structures and the self
GABA concentrations in the human anterior cingulate cortex predict negative BOLD responses in fMRI
It is observed that the concentration of GABA in the ACC specifically correlated with the amount of negative BOLD responses in the very same region during emotional processing and resting-state magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Altered Negative BOLD Responses in the Default-Mode Network during Emotion Processing in Depressed Subjects
It is demonstrated that default-mode network NBRs are reduced in MDD and modulate these patients' abnormally negative emotions.
The relationship between aberrant neuronal activation in the pregenual anterior cingulate, altered glutamatergic metabolism, and anhedonia in major depression.
Aberrant neuronal activation patterns of the pgACC in anhedonic depression are related to deficits of glutamatergic metabolism, a cortical region linked to anhedonia.
Culture-sensitive neural substrates of human cognition: a transcultural neuroimaging approach
The findings provide a novel approach by which to distinguish culture-sensitive from culture-invariant neural mechanisms of human cognition.
Reciprocal modulation and attenuation in the prefrontal cortex: An fMRI study on emotional–cognitive interaction
The emotional load of a cognitive task lead to both less deactivation of medial prefrontal regions and, at the same time, less activation of lateral prefrontal regions, indicating the neurophysiologic basis for emotional–cognitive interaction as observed in both healthy and psychiatric subjects.