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Raman measurement of mixing and finite-rate chemistry in a supersonic hydrogen-air diffusion flame
Abstract Uhraviolet (UV) spontaneous vibrational Raman scattering and laser-induced predissociative fluorescence (LIPF) from a KrF excimer laser are combined to simultaneously measure temperature,Expand
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Finite-rate chemistry effects in a Mach 2 reacting flow
UV spontaneous vibrational Raman scattering and laser-induced predissociative fluorescence (LIPF) are combined and applied to a supersonic flame. For the first time, simultaneous measurements ofExpand
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Effects of scale on supersonic combustor performance
A series of tests has been carried out to investigate the effects of various scale parameters on the direct connect scramjet combustor performance. The calculated combustion efficiency appears to beExpand
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Survey of supersonic combustion ramjet research at Langley
The Hypersonic Propulsion Branch at NASA Langley Research Center has maintained an active research program in supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) and high speed ramjet propulsion since the 1960s.Expand
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Plasma torch igniter for scramjets
A small, uncooled plasma torch was developed and used in combination with an injector designed to study ignition and flameholding in hydrogen-fueled supersonic flows. The plasma torch was operated onExpand
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Combustion in supersonic flow
A workshop on combustion in supersonic flow was held in conjunction with the 21st JANNAF Combustion Meeting at Laurel, Maryland on October 3 to 4 1984. The objective of the workshop was to establishExpand
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Opposed jet diffusion flames of nitrogen-diluted hydrogen vs air - Axial LDA and CARS surveys; fuel/air rates at extinction
An experimental study of H-air counterflow diffusion flames (CFDFs) is reported. Coaxial tubular opposed jet burners were used to form dish-shaped CFDFs centered by opposing laminar jets of H2/N2 andExpand
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Development and evaluation of a plasma jet flameholder for scramjets
The objective of the work reported herein was to explore the use of a continuous operation plasma torch as an ignitor and flameholder for scramjet combustion. This research was motivated by theExpand
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Study of a Supersonic Combustor Employing Swept Ramp Fuel Injectors
A computational study of a scramjet combustor with swept ramp fuel injectors was conducted with the SPARK Navier ‐ Stokes computer code. Turbulence was modeled with a two-zone algebraic turbulenceExpand
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