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Solar radiation and solar activity
Using high-altitude balloon soundings (1961 to 1968) and other data, it is shown that the most reliable maximum value of the solar constant is at present 1.94 cal cm−2 min−1, to an accuracy of 1 perExpand
Balloon investigations of radiative fluxes in the free atmosphere
SummaryThe present research considers the vertical profiles of the radiation balance and its components for summer and autumn seasons measured by standard actinometric instruments fixed on freeExpand
Some Results from Studies on Relationships Between the Optical-meteorological Parameters and Solar Activity. Part 2: Development of the Problem of Solar Forcing
A set of complex spectral, actinometric and meteorological data obtained in the periods of heightened solar activity (1981 and 1988) has been considered in order to reveal the atmospheric componentExpand
On the Variability of the Solar Integral Radiation Constituents
The results of spectral analysis of series of observations of the equatorial and polar diameters, as well as of series of satellite observations of the S sub O variations during 1975 to 1987Expand
Further About Impact of Solar Activity on Geospheres
The monitoring of solar emission variations in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and near infrared (IR) spectral regions was carried out from 1978 to 2002 at the High-Mountain Base of the ResearchExpand
The Stratospheric Mechanism of Solar and Anthropogenic Influences on Climate
Analysis of the results of balloon soundings in 1962–70 and the calculations of the shortwave solar radiation attenuation made it possible to reveal the reason for abnormal attenuation of the totalExpand
Hourly to decadal time scale variations of the spectral and total “solar constant”
SummaryThe most significant solar spectral radiation bursts that occurred during more than twelve-years observation period at an high altitude station are analyzed. It is shown that the number andExpand
Photographic Observations of the Inner Zodiacal Light Aboard Saliout 7
Color photographs of the inner Zodiacal Light were obtained aboard Saliout 7 with Kodak Ekta 400. Absolute calibrations were performed in-Flight with attenuated Sun light. The photometric analysisExpand