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Understanding dental caries
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The etiology of enamel hypoplasia: a unifying concept.
In a study of children with chronic disorders of calcium and phosphate homeostasis, enamel hypoplasia was found in hereditary vitamin D-dependency rickets and in hypoparathyroidism, conditionsExpand
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Dental Enamel
  • G. Nikiforuk
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  • 1 July 1966
Most people think of skeletal bone as being the hardest substance in the body. But, actually, tooth enamel tops skeletal bone for hardness. Tooth enamel is a thin layer of calcified material thatExpand
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Risk Factors for Dental Fluorosis in a Fluoridated Community
We conducted a case-control study to determine the sources of fluoride which are particular risk factors to dental fluorosis. Cases and non-cases were identified by the screening of 8-, 9-, andExpand
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Demineralization of hard tissues by organic chelating agents.
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Etiology of Enamel Hypoplasia and Interglobular Dentin: The Roles of Hypocalcemia and Hypophosphatemia
Abstract In the course of a long-term investigation of children with three well-defined disturbances of calcium and phosphate homeostasis - hereditary vitamin D dependency rickets, X-linkedExpand
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Purification and Properties of Protein from Embryonic Bovine Enamel
This is a brief report of studies of some physicochemical properties of soluble enamel protein of developing bovine enamel. Enamel tissue was obtained from unerupted bovine teeth and demineralized byExpand
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Enamel defects in prematurely born, low birth-weight infants.
The purpose of this study was to relate the influence of birth and metabolic parameters of the low birth-weight neonate to the development of the primary teeth. The role of hypocalcemia s a specificExpand
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Demineralization of Hard Tissues by Organic Chelating Agents at Neutral pH
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