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Resistance of Hybrid Plants and Animals to Herbivores, Pathogens, and Parasites
▪ Abstract Interspecific hybridization can disrupt normal resistance of plant and animal species to their parasites. Resistance to parasites is affected by hybridization in the following ways: noExpand
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Melampsora ‹columbiana, a natural hybrid of M. medusae and M. occidentalis
Hybrids of Melampsora medusae and M. occidentalis are herein described as M. xcolumbiana. This hybrid taxon is characterized by isolates that generally exhibit morphological intermediacy in uredinialExpand
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Fungal endophytes in seeds and needles of Pinus monticola.
Using a sequence-based approach, we investigated the transmission of diverse fungal endophytes in seed and needles of Pinus monticola, western white pine. We isolated 2003 fungal endophytes from 750Expand
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The specificity of fungal pathogens of Populus
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A community of unknown, endophytic fungi in western white pine.
The endophytic fungi of woody plants may be diverse as often claimed, and likewise, they may be functionally novel as demonstrated in a few studies. However, the endophyte taxa that are mostExpand
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First report of the Eurasian poplar leaf rust fungus, Melampsora larici-populina, in North America
Melampsora larici-populina, native to Eurasia, was found in October 1991 in hybrid poplar (Populus trichocarpa X P. deltoides) plantations along the Columbia River near Woodland, Washington, andExpand
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Fungal endophytes: modifiers of plant disease
Abstract Many recent studies have demonstrated that non-pathogenic fungi within plant microbiomes, i.e., endophytes (“endo” = within, “phyte” = plant), can significantly modify the expression of hostExpand
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Suppressed recombination around the MXC3 locus, a major gene for resistance to poplar leaf rust
Abstract A positional cloning strategy is being implemented in Populus for the isolation of the dominant MXC3 allele, which confers resistance to poplar leaf rust caused by Melampsora×columbianaExpand
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Endophyte-mediated resistance against white pine blister rust in Pinus monticola
Induced resistance responses, including fungal endophyte-mediated resistance, have been well studied in both agricultural crops and grass systems. Yet, the effect of these processes and symbionts inExpand
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