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Subtribal classification of the Astereae lAsteraceaer
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A taxonomic conspectus of Phrymaceae: A narrowed circumscription for Mimulus, new and resurrected genera, and new names and combinations
A revised taxonomic classification of Phrymaceae down to species level is presented, based on molecular-phylogenetic and morpho-taxonomic studies, setting a f ramework for ongoing work. In theExpand
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Galax (Diapensiaceae): Geographic Variation in Chromosome Number
Galax, a monotype endemic to the southern Appalachian Mountains and outlying areas, has been reported to comprise both a diploid and tetraploid cytotype (x = 6). In this study more than 850Expand
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Phylogenetics of Darwiniothamnus (Asteraceae: Astereae) – molecular evidence for multiple origins in the endemic flora of the Galápagos Islands
Aim  The aims of this study were (1) to investigate whether the two growth forms of Darwiniothamnus Harling (Asteraceae) originated from the colonization of a single ancestor, (2) to identify theExpand
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Taxonomic status of Cuscuta nevadensis and C. veatchii (Convolvulaceae) in North America
The taxonomy ofCuscuta nevadensis andC. veatchii is investigated.Cuscuta nevadensis is more closely related toC. veatchii andC. denticulata than toC. salina, and the former two taxa are accepted asExpand
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