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Systematics and Biogeography: Cladistics and Vicariance
It's coming again, the new collection that this site has. To complete your curiosity, we offer the favorite systematics and biogeography cladistics and vicariance book as the choice today. This is aExpand
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Biogeography of the Australian monsoon tropics
Aim This paper reviews the biogeography of the Australian monsoon tropical biome to highlight general patterns in the distribution of a range of organisms and their environmental correlates andExpand
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Systematics and Biogeography
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Cognitive Foundations of Natural History: Towards an Anthropology of Science.
Preface 1. Common sense: its scope and limits Part I. Folkbiology: 2. Folktaxonomy 3. The semantics of living kinds Part II. Aristotelian Essentials: 4. Essence and environment 5. Materials ofExpand
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Reconstructing the Past: Parsimony, Evolution, and Inference
Reconstructing the Past seeks to clarify and help resolve the vexing methodological issues that arise when biologists try to answer such questions as whether human beings are more closely related toExpand
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Australian biogeographical connections and the phylogeny of large genera in the plant family Myrtaceae
Aim To compare the phylogeny of the eucalypt and melaleuca groups with geological events and ages of fossils to discover the time frame of clade divergences. Location Australia, New Caledonia,Expand
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Ontogeny, Phylogeny, Paleontology, and the Biogenetic Law
Nelson, G. (Department of Ichthyology, The American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York 10024) 1978. Ontogeny, Phylogeny, Paleontology, and the Biogenetic Law. Syst. Zool. 27:324-345.-TheExpand
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