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First Demonstration of Hitless Spectrum Defragmentation using Real-time Coherent Receivers in Flexible Grid Optical Networks
This work experimentally demonstrates for the first time hitless spectrum defragmentation using the wavelength sweep capability of real-time digital coherent receivers over entire C-band.
Uncooled, polarization-insensitive AlGalnAs MQW-SOA module operable up to 75°C with constant current
A world's first uncooled, polarization-insensitive 1.3-μm SOA module was developed using an AlGaInAs MQW-SOA to demonstrate a very small gain variance over a wide temperature range at a constant current.
A compact and lossless 8 × 8 SOA gate switch subsystem for WDM optical packet interconnections
We developed a compact 8 times 8 gate switch subsystem, which was integrated with eight 8:1 SOA modules (72-SOAs). We achieved a high-speed switching, lossless and colored operation.
MSA compatible package size, dual-channel Fast Automatic Level controlled SOA subsystems for optical packet and PON signals
We developed compact dual-channel Fast Automatic Level CONtrolled (FALCON) amplifiers with 172-M cycle/s control using novel folded 1.3-μm and 1.5-μm SOA modules. We achieved the input dynamic range
Wavelength-Shifted Protection for WDM-PON with AMCC Scheme for 5G Mobile Fronthaul
We propose wavelength-shifted protection using an auxiliary management and control channel (AMCC) scheme against feeder fiber faults for WDM-PON without additional active devices. Its validity is
Wavelength control method of upstream signals using AMCC in WDM-PON for 5G mobile fronthaul.
This paper describes a wavelength control method that uses an auxiliary management and control channel that complies with ITU-T G.989.3 and makes it possible to control the setting error of upstream signals at the initial connection between the optical line terminal and an optical network unit and the wavelength drift due to the aging degradation of the laser diode.
WDM Optical Packet Interconnection using Multi-Gate SOA Switch Architecture for Peta-Flops Ultra-High-Performance Computing Systems
We propose a 100-Tbps-class throughput WDM optical packet interconnection for peta-flops ultra-high-performance computing systems using multi-gate SOA broadcast- and-elect switch architecture. The
Flexible Management of WDM-PON Using AMCC for 5G Radio Access Networks
This paper overviews flexible management functions of WDM-PON using an auxiliary management and control channel and introduces wavelength allocation, adjustment as use-cases.