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There is general agreement that terrestrial systems in the Northern Hemisphere provide a significant sink for atmospheric CO2; however, estimates of the magnitude and distribution of this sink varyExpand
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Natural disturbances in the European forests in the 19th and 20th centuries
This paper, based on a literature review, presents a quantitative overview of the role of natural disturbances in European forests from 1850 to 2000. Such an overview provides a basis for modellingExpand
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Europe's Terrestrial Biosphere Absorbs 7 to 12% of European Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions
Most inverse atmospheric models report considerable uptake of carbon dioxide in Europe's terrestrial biosphere. In contrast, carbon stocks in terrestrial ecosystems increase at a much smaller rate,Expand
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Climate change may cause severe loss in the economic value of European forest land
European forests are threatened by climate change with impacts on the distribution of tree species. Previous discussions on the consequences of biome shifts have concentrated only on ecologicalExpand
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Adaptive forest management in central Europe: Climate change impacts, strategies and integrative concept
Abstract Climatic warming may lead to increased or decreased future forest productivity. However, more frequent heat waves, droughts and storms and accompanying pathogen attacks are also expected forExpand
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The European carbon balance. Part 3: forests
We present a new synthesis, based on a suite of complementary approaches, of the primary production and carbon sink in forests of the 25 member states of the European Union (EU-25) during 1990-2005.Expand
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Importance of methane and nitrous oxide for Europe's terrestrial greenhouse-gas balance
Climate change negotiations aim to reduce net greenhouse-gas emissions by encouraging direct reductions of emissions and crediting countries for their terrestrial greenhouse-gas sinks. EcosystemExpand
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Modeling carbon sequestration in afforestation, agroforestry and forest management projects: the CO2FIX V.2 approach
Abstract The paper describes the Version 2 of the CO2FIX (CO2FIX V.2) model, a user-friendly tool for dynamically estimating the carbon sequestration potential of forest management, agroforesty andExpand
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The carbon budget of terrestrial ecosystems at country-scale – a European case study
Abstract. We summed estimates of the carbon balance of forests, grasslands, arable lands and peatlands to obtain country-specific estimates of the terrestrial carbon balance during the 1990s. ForestsExpand
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