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Cytogenetic description of the earthworm Drawida ghilarovi Gates, 1969 (Oligochaeta, Moniligastridae) from the southern Russian Far East
It is concluded that polyploidy as a species- or race-forming factor is not typical of these earthworms. Expand
Molecular differentiation of epigeic and anceic forms of Drawida ghilarovi Gates, 1969 (Moniligastridae, Clitellata) in the Russian Far East: Sequence data of two mitochondrial genes
Molecular data for Drawida showed high genetic differentiation between epigeic and anecic using COI and 16S rRNA gene sequence data as well as the various phylogenetic relationships among the studied forms. Expand
Genetic differentiation of black and grey colored forms of the earthworm Drawida ghilarovi Gates, 1969 (Moniligastridae, Oligochaeta) on Russian Far East
Phylogenetic relationships, based on the combined molecular data, showed obvious differentiation between the grey and black forms of D. ghilarovi and within the black form of this species, suggesting species level differentiation between these forms. Expand