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Derivation of the Freshwater Fish Fauna of Central America
of Tehuantepec and eastern Panama was and always had been devoid of primary (obligatory) freshwater fishes prior to the very late Tertiary. Instead, secondary freshwater fishes evolved in this areaExpand
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Usage of anadromous, catadromous and allied terms for migratory fishes
HE adjectives anadromous and catadromous are in common use by ichthyologists and biologists in general for fishes which migrate from salt to fresh water or from fresh to salt water to breed. However,Expand
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The Fresh-Water Fishes of Siam, or Thailand
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The American Characidae
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The Acanthodian Fishes
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Salt-tolerance of fresh-water fish groups in relation to zoogeographical problems
The distribution of fresh-water fishes like that of other groups, has been widely utilized by zoogeographers, but with widely divergent acumen and success. At one extreme are those non-ichthyologistsExpand
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Two remarkable new trichomycterid catfishes from the Amazon basin in Brazil and Colombia
Two Amazonian freshwater trichomycterid catfishes, Sarcoglanis simplex and Malacoglanis gelatinosus, are described as new genera andspecies and placed in a new subfamily Sarcoglanidinae. TheExpand
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A Descriptive Catalog of the Shore Fishes of Peru
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Frogs of Southeastern Brazil
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