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Macrofauna associated to Mycale microsigmatosa (Porifera, Demospongiae) in Rio de Janeiro State, SE Brazil
Abstract The macrofauna (endo- and epi-biotic) associated to the sponge Mycale (Carmia) microsigmatosa Arndt, 1927 was studied at three sites in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil (Arraial do Cabo,Expand
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Environmental Shaping of Sponge Associated Archaeal Communities
Background Archaea are ubiquitous symbionts of marine sponges but their ecological roles and the influence of environmental factors on these associations are still poorly understood.Expand
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Cytological evidence for cryptic speciation in Mediterranean Oscarella species (Porifera, Homoscleromorpha)
Three new sponge species without a skeleton, Oscarella viridis, O. microlobata, and O. imperialis, were found in sublittoral caves and on vertical walls along the coast of Provence (westernExpand
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In vivo study of microsclere formation in sponges of the genus Mycale (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida)
Abstract. The process of microsclere secretion was examined in vivo through glass coverslip implants in three species of the genus Mycale from São Sebastião channel, southeastern Brazil: MycaleExpand
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Diversity of Indo-Australian Plakortis (Demospongiae: Plakinidae), with description of four new species
A collection of 32 specimens of the genus Plakortis (Demospongiae: Plakinidae) from Australia and the Indo-Pacific is here examined. Six species are described, four of which are new to science.Expand
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Catalogue of Brazilian porifera
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Sponges without skeleton: A new Mediterranean genus of Homoscleromorpha (Porifera, Demospongiae)
Abstract A new genus of aspiculate homoscleromorph, Pseudocorticium, is described along with the new species P. jarrei found in a littoral cave located in the western Mediterranean Sea (France). TheExpand
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Taxonomic revision of the Mediterranean Plakina Schulze (Porifera, Demospongiae, Homoscleromorpha)
Only three species of the sponge genus Plakina Schulze have been described from the Mediterranean since 1880, in spite of a large amount of allegedly intraspecific variability in morphologicalExpand
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A New Species of Oscarella (Demospongiae: Plakinidae) from California
We describe a new species of Oscarella Vosmaer, 1877 (Porifera: Homosclerophorida) from a rocky coast and marine aquariums in central California and analyze its spatial distribution and temporalExpand
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