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Partial dehydration of cherry tomato at different temperature, and nutritional quality of the products
Abstract This study concerns the partial dehydration of cherry tomatoes ( Lycopersicon esculentum , var. Shiren) to obtain a product with 25% initial water content. Two kinds of dried tomatoes were
Effects of packaging on shelf life of fresh celery
Abstract Celery could be sold in a wide range of presentations, from without any kind of packaging until ‘ready to eat’. The aim of this research was to analyse the effect of two packaging films on
Effect of process variables on the quality of swordfish fillets flavored with smoke condensate
An alternative technique to traditional smoking of swordfish was evaluated. Fillets were dry salted and/or brine salted in 30% NaCl, and smoked by dipping in smoke condensate solution at different
Efficacy of the combined application of chitosan and Locust Bean Gum with different citrus essential oils to control postharvest spoilage caused by Aspergillus flavus in dates.
The study results and the complete absence of off-flavours and off-odours demonstrate the potential of CH coatings carrying citrus EOs at sub-inhibitory concentrations to control postharvest growth of A. flavus in dates.
Stability of pigments and oil in pistachio kernels during storage.
Summary This work tested the stability of pigments (chlorophyll [chl] a and chlorophyll [chl] b, and lutein] and oil in pistachio kernels stored up to 14 months at three different temperatures:
Influence of an O3-atmosphere storage on microbial growth and antioxidant contents of globe artichoke as affected by genotype and harvest time
The reduction of both mesophilic bacteria and yeasts and moulds was significant in heads stored under ozone-enriched atmosphere for 3 or 7 days with major reductions for ‘Tema 2000’ and ‘Apollo’ harvested in winter and early spring, respectively.
Evaluation of the chemical quality of a new type of small-sized tomato cultivar, the plum tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
The chemical-nutritional attributes were evaluated in plum tomato, a new type of oblong, small-sized tomato that was recently introduced in the European market. Six different cultivars, namely,
Effect of Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Shelf-life of Liquid-smoked Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) Slices
Swordfish fillets, dry-salted and treated with liquid smoke, were sliced and packed in vacuum conditions and under modified atmosphere (MA) (5% O 2 , 45% CO 2 , 50% N 2 ) and stored at chilled
Shelf life of ready to use peeled shrimps as affected by thymol essential oil and modified atmosphere packaging.
The active coating was effective in minimizing the sensory quality loss of the investigated product, it was particularly true at the lowest thymol concentration, and the MAP alone was not able to improve the shelf life of the uncoated samples.
Integrated agronomical and technological approach for the quality maintenance of ready-to-fry potato sticks during refrigerated storage
Abstract The paper addresses the effect of nitrogen fertilization rate, storage time, packaging film and locust bean gum (LBG)-based edible coating on the quality maintenance of fresh-cut