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Slip Correction Measurements of Certified PSL Nanoparticles Using a Nanometer Differential Mobility Analyzer (Nano-DMA) for Knudsen Number From 0.5 to 83
The slip correction factor has been investigated at reduced pressures and high Knudsen number using polystyrene latex (PSL) particles and the major sources of uncertainty are the diameter of particles, the geometric constant associated with NDMA, and the voltage.
Structural analysis of soot agglomerates
Etude de la structure des agglomerats de noir de carbone formes par combustion d'acetylene dans un bruleur a diffusion coannulaire
Specific extinction coefficient of flame generated smoke
The experimental results for the mass specific extinction coefficient (σs) at λ=633 nm for flame generated smoke are summarized for seven studies involving 29 fuels. The measurements are for
Structural Property Effect of Nanoparticle Agglomerates on Particle Penetration through Fibrous Filter
Most filtration studies have been conducted with spherical particles; however, many aerosol particles are agglomerates of small primary spheres. Filtration efficiency tests were conducted with silver
Collisions between point masses and fractal aggregates
La simulation par ordinateur est utilisee pour etudier les collisions entre des agregats de particules
On Two Numerical Techniques for Light Scattering by Dielectric Agglomerated Structures
The effects of the finite size of the primary spheres have been numerically delineated and the two methods obtained in this tutorial paper directly from the monochromatic Maxwell curl equations have been equivalent.
Generation and Transport of Smoke Components
Smoke is a mixture of gases, vapors, and suspended particulate matter, or aerosols. The nature of the aerosol component of smoke can play a significant role in its deposition in the fire environment