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A colloidal gold prepared with ultrasonics
With the application of ultrasonic energy a colloidal gold may be easily prepared with a particle diameter of less than 10 nm and suitable for use as an immunological marker for TEM-studies. This newExpand
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Construction and first operation of a pilot CW superconducting electron accelerator
Abstract We report on the first operation of a small superconducting linear accelerator which serves as a pilot project for the Darmstadt superconducting recyclotron. A five niobium acceleratingExpand
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DESIGN OF A PROPOSED 13o MeV SUPERCONDUCTING RECYCLOTRON FOR ELECTRONS H.Heinrichs, U.Klein, G.M~ller, H.Piel, D.Proch and W.Weingarten Fachbereich Physik der Gesamthochschule Wuppertal 56oo
We describe the main design characteristics of a proposed superconducting recyclotron for electrons with a variable energy from 1o to a maximum of 13o MeV, a duty cycle of 1oo% and an energy spreadExpand
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Quantitative determination of the doping level distribution in n-type GaAs using absorption mapping
We present an optical technique based on absorption measurements for the determination of the charge carrier concentration and its lateral distribution in n-type doped GaAs wafers. Calibration plotsExpand
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High Power GAP for High Repetition Rates
Radiation of Harmonics n*omega_sub.e and 1/2*omega_sub.e from a Beam-Generated Plasma
Abstract The conditions under which harmonics of the electron gyrofrequency and half the electron gyrofrequency are emitted from an electron beam plasma are investigated experimentally.
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