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Consumer Socialization: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
The results of a large-scale study of adolescent consumer socialization are presented. A general conceptual framework of socialization is outlined to serve as a blueprint for discussing variables and
The Role of Family Communication in Consumer Socialization of Children and Adolescents
While studies of communication effects on consumer behavior of the young have focused mainly on the effects of mass media (advertising in particular), little research has examined the effects of
Television and Interpersonal Influences on Adolescent Consumer Learning
A model of consumer socialization is developed and tested. The development of the model is guided by theoretical notions and empirical findings drawn from various disciplinary areas, and the model is
Marketing to older adults: an updated overview of present knowledge and practice
The changing demographics and the aging of the population are affecting the age composition of consumer markets. This, in turn, creates opportunities and challenges for organizations serving consumer
Decision Making among the Young: A Socialization Perspective
This article examines decision-making patterns among teen-age consumers. Variables associated with several stages in the decision-making process (information seeking, product evaluation, and
A Longitudinal Study of Television Advertising Effects
While many research questions regarding the effects of television advertising in consumer socialization require longitudinal research designs, nearly all previous research studies in the area have
Life course perspectives on consumer behavior
Although marketing researchers have recognized the importance of early life experiences in shaping patterns of consumer behavior in later life, they have inadequate theoretical and methodological
Stress and consumer behavior
Although stress research has received increased attention in the behavioral and social sciences, it has been virtually ignored by marketing researchers. This paper attempts to advance the stress