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Theory of the coulomb photoproduction of π0 at high energy and the determination of the π0 lifetime
SummaryThe angular dependence of the cross-section for the coherent photoproduction of π0 on complex nuclei (Primakoff effect) is studied in detail in connection with the problem of determining theExpand
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The General QCD parametrization and the hierarchy of its parameters: Why some simple models of hadrons work so well
After summarizing the basic points of the general QCD parametrization (GP) we discuss systematically its applications to the properties of the lowest families of baryons and mesons. We show how theExpand
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Genetic studies on some Nepalese populations
Abstract Populations living in two different regions of Nepal have been studied. The first region (the Kali Gandaki valley) is inhabited mainly by Magars, Gurungs, Thakalis and Chetris. It has beenExpand
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Population genetic studies on Jews. I. The alpha 2HS serum glycoprotein, a polymorphism strongly correlated with latitude.
A sample of Jews subdivided according to the birth-place of their parents or grand-parents have been examined for a large number of genetic markers in the course of a long-term project on theExpand
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It is shown that in the quark model it is possible to express the ${{N}_{33}}^{*}$ $N\ensuremath{\pi}$ vertex and the $\ensuremath{\rho}\ensuremath{\pi}\ensuremath{\pi}$ vertex in terms of theExpand
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