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Simultaneous determination of riboflavin, pyridoxine, nicotinamide, caffeine and taurine in energy drinks by planar chromatography-multiple detection with confirmation by electrospray ionization mass
A new high-throughput method was developed to detect simultaneously riboflavin (Vitamin B(2), pyridoxine (V vitamin B(6), nicotinamide (V Vitamin B(3)), caffeine and taurine in energy drinks by multiple detection, offering a good alternative for routine analysis due to its simplicity and at the same time reliability. Expand
Combined multivariate data analysis of high-performance thin-layer chromatography fingerprints and direct analysis in real time mass spectra for profiling of natural products like propolis.
This is a first novel study on the differentiation of natural products using a combination of fast fingerprint techniques, like HPTLC and DART-MS, for multivariate data analysis and a high level of confidence was obtained when combining orthogonal approaches (HPT LC and Dart-MS) for ultrafast sample characterization. Expand
Ambient desorption ionization mass spectrometry (DART, DESI) and its bioanalytical applications
In recent years, ambient desorption ionization techniques for mass spectrometry were introduced. Among them, the most established techniques are Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) and DesorptionExpand
New coupling of planar chromatography with direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry.
The coupling of planar chromatography with direct analysis in real time time-of-flight mass spectrometry (DART-TOF-MS) was shown for the first time. Cutting the plate within a track led to substanceExpand
Determination of isopropylthioxanthone (ITX) in milk, yoghurt and fat by HPTLC-FLD, HPTLC-ESI/MS and HPTLC-DART/MS
The results prove that modern planar chromatography is a rapid and cost-efficient alternative method to quantify ITX in milk-based or fatty matrices. Expand
Coupling of planar chromatography to mass spectrometry
Coupling of planar chromatography to mass spectrometry (MS) and especially ambient MS is a relatively new field of great interest. The direct sample access at ambient conditions and the feasibilityExpand
Hyphenations in planar chromatography.
The image-giving format of the open, planar stationary phase and the post-chromatographic evaporation of the mobile phase ease the performance of various kinds of hyphenations and even super-hyphenations in high-performance thin-layer chromatography. Expand
Sharp-bounded zones link to the effect in planar chromatography-bioassay-mass spectrometry.
The traditional direct bioautography workflow was substantially altered to yield narrow, sharp-bounded effective zones. For the first time, microorganisms quantitatively detected the single effectiveExpand
Assessing the capabilities of direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural quantitation in honey
Abstract The limitations of direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) were shown with the example of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) quantitation in honey. An accurate analyteExpand
High-performance thin-layer chromatography analysis of steviol glycosides in Stevia formulations and sugar-free food products, and benchmarking with (ultra) high-performance liquid chromatography.
A high-performance TLC (HPTLC) method was newly developed and validated for analysis of 7 steviol glycosides in 6 different types of food and Stevia formulations, allowing an effective food screening. Expand