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Images of Organization
Preface Part I. An Overview Introduction Part II. Some Images of Organization 2. Mechanization Takes Command: Organizations as Machines Machines, Mechanical Thinking, and the Rise of BureaucraticExpand
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Images of Organizations
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Paradigms, Metaphors, and Puzzle Solving in Organizational Theory.
The paper explores the relationship among paradigms, metaphors, and puzzle solving showing how organization theory and research is constructed upon a network of assumptions that areExpand
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Sociological Paradigms and Organisational Analysis: Elements of the Sociology of Corporate Life
Contents: Introduction. Part I In Search of a Framework: Assumptions about the nature of social science Assumptions about the nature of society Two dimensions: four paradigms. Part II The ParadigmsExpand
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Images of organization, 2nd ed.
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Accounting as reality construction: Towards a new epistemology for accounting practice
Abstract Accountants often see themselves as objective appraisers of reality, representing reality “as is”. This paper takes a different view, arguing that accountants typically construct reality inExpand
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Images of Organization: The Executive Edition
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Imaginization:The Art of Creative Management
Imaginization Introducing a New Competence for Turbulent Times Looking in the Mirror Strategic Termites On Spider Plants 'Political Football' 'We're a Blob out of Water' 'Futureblock' 'Boiling Dry'Expand
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More on Metaphor: Why We Cannot Control Tropes in Administrative Science.
Gareth Morgan In the December 1982 issue of ASQ, Pinder and Bourgeois ("Controlling Tropes in Administrative Science") attempted to highlight dangers stemming from the use of metaphor and relatedExpand
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