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Nonverbal Executive Function is Mediated by Language: A Study of Deaf and Hearing Children
It is suggested that language is key to EF performance rather than vice versa, and hearing children performed significantly less well on EF tasks, even controlling for nonverbal intelligence and speed of processing.
Gesture production and comprehension in children with specific language impairment.
For children with SLI, gesture scaffolds are still more related to language development than for TD peers who have out-grown earlier reliance on gestures, and this group showed stronger associations between gesture and language than TD children.
Children’s encoding of simultaneity in British Sign Language narratives
Narrative discourse in BSL is first analyzed in an adult signer by describing how fixed and shifted sign space is used for reference and the encoding of simultaneity. Although children as young as 4
The Acquisition of Sign Language: The Impact of Phonetic Complexity on Phonology
For Deaf children, repetition accuracy improved with age, correlated with wider BSL abilities, and was lowest for signs that were phonetically complex, while the hearing group were similarly affected by phonetic complexity, suggesting that common visual and motoric factors are at play when processing linguistic information in the visuo-gestural modality.
Identifying specific language impairment in deaf children acquiring British Sign Language: implications for theory and practice.
The performance of 13 signing deaf children aged 5-14 years on normed tests of British Sign Language (BSL) sentence comprehension, repetition of nonsense signs, expressive grammar and narrative skills, alongside tests of non-verbal intelligence and fine motor control are described.
The First Signs of Language: Phonological Development in British Sign Language.
A total of 1,018 signs in one deaf child's naturalistic interaction with her deaf mother, between the ages of 19 and 24 months were analyzed. This study summarizes regular modification processes in